Exercise 1

You are walking around your neighborhood and suddenly run into Olivier, a friend of yours. As you can see below, Olivier is greeting you by saying 'Salut'. How do you respond? In order to say something to Olivier, write something in the input field and then press return.

Enter here, whatever you want to say to your dialog partner(s) ...

(then press Enter)

Exercise 2

Complete the following dialog between Amélie and her friend Nicole by dragging and dropping the paper snippets into the respective empty spaces below. Note that some snippets may be placed into more than one field. For example, the two snippets "Bonjour" and "Salut" are equivalent and may be placed in either the first or the second field.

How do I solve this exercise?
Amélie: Nicole.
Nicole:! Comment tu?
Amélie:, et ?
Nicole:Très bien, .
Amélie:À .
Nicole:Oui, à . Au .