Exercise 3

Click on the blue audio button below and listen to the reader's voice. Then write down everything you hear into the text area.
By the way, don't worry too much about punctuation or the accents above the letters: Our correcting algorithm is quite indulgent with those kinds of errors.

Exercise 4

Below is another short dialog between Sébastien and Mathieu, two friends. But this time there are no comfortable paper snippets to drag and drop. Instead, you actually have to write the missing French words and phrases into the empty spaces. Please take into consideration that sometimes, different solutions are correct. For example, in the first input field, you could put either Salut or Bonjour.

Sébastien: Mathieu.
Mathieu:Salut, Sébastien. ça va?
Sébastien:, toi?
Mathieu:Très , merci.
Sébastien:Mathieu, 'est ami Henry.
Henry:Bonjour Mathieu, .
Mathieu:Enchanté .
Sébastien:À .