Pronouns and verb conjugations

Pronouns are words that replace the names of people, animals, or things in a sentence. Here is the list of the French pronouns:
1st je nous
2nd tu vous
3rd il/elle ils/elles

Here is an example for using a pronoun in a French sentence. The pronouns in the following sentences are highlighted in green.

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In this example, a form of the verb être (=to be) was used. Depending on the person with which the verb is connected, the verb needs to be altered (="conjugated"). Être is irregular, and we have to memorize the forms of this verb for each of the pronouns in the list above. Here is the conjugation table of être:

être(=to be)
1st je suis nous sommes
2nd tu es vous êtes
3rd il/elle est ils/elles sont