French Online Courses

We provide a fun way to learn French on the internet through our cutting edge technology. All our courses offer the following features:

Talk to the characters in our French course with our cool dialog games. You type something into an input box, and the people you talk to will reply accordingly. But mind your French! Your dialog partners may be guided by our engine, but they could get hurt if you are mean to them.
Pictures and audio files enable you to learn associatively. All French words and sentences are audible online on our website via easy to use audio buttons. Also, most of the French words and phrases you will learn come with a colorful picture for better memorization. Extremely colorful and vivid graphics and animations make this French course a fun place to hang out and learn.
Fun and comprehensive dialogs. Join a Parisien family and their friends through their every day situations in a soap opera fashion. You can listen to all dialogs directly on the website as they play.
Helpful wordpool and grammar learning games. We have about 10 different learning games available inside our courses. Take a look at all those games on our screenshot page here. Our wordpool learning games memorize your performance on every vocabulary. If we notice that you don't know a certain French word or phrase, we will present this word more often to you than those, which you already know very well.