D) When to use the definite articles in French?

As a general rule, we can use the definite articles le and la in the same way as we would use the in English. However, there is one important difference. When we talk about things in general, we can usually omit the article in English, but we have to put it in French. Look at the following examples for clarification:

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F) Things that we may like or dislike

Let's learn the following new nouns along with their specific gender (masculine or feminine). Simply memorizing the definite article (le or la) for each noun may be easier than having to remember "masculine" and "feminine".

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Instead of saying le football, people often refer to this sport simply as le foot (e.g. J'aime le foot = I like soccer).

G) Nouns describing countries and cities

Here are some more nouns, some of which are the names of countries, where French is spoken.

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