Exercise 1

The following crossword puzzle only contains the numbers from 0 to 10 in French. You probably already know, how to play a crossword puzzle from the previous chapter. However - as always - , in case you do need help, press the yellow help buttons.

How do I solve this exercise?

Exercise 2

You are in a supermarket in Lausanne, in the French speaking part of Switzerland. You need to buy several things for the household. For each product, can you write the price in French?

Did you know? The currency in Switzerland is the franc suisse (SFr.). However, in most other parts in Europe, for example in France or Belgium, the Euro (€) is the official currency.


10 SFr.

5 SFr.

9 SFr.

4 SFr.

8 SFr.

1 SFr.