Exercise 1

In order to solve this workout here, assign each paper snippet below to one of the pictures on the greenboard.
Once you are done positioning all the snippets, click on the correct my exercise button to find out how many assignments you got right.

How do I solve this exercise?
only pictures
only translations

Exercise 2

In the following dialog, Olivier is arguing with his sister Amélie. They talk about their likes and dislikes. Each blank input field requires you to fill in the correct definite article. Remember that le and la are contracted to l' in front of vowels and h.

Amélie:Salut. Je suis sœur d'Olivier.
Olivier:Salut Amélie. J'aime sport - surtout équipe du Paris St. Germain. Et toi Amélie?
Amélie:Ah non, je déteste foot. Mais j'aime natation et volley.
Olivier:Et musique? J'aime rock.
Amélie:J'adore rock. Et j'aime lecture.
Olivier:Au revoir.
Amélie:À plus tard.