We will finish this chapter with a few more vocabularies that were introduced on the previous page. Take a look at the following words and try to memorize their meaning:

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A crossword puzzle

Click on the red arrow fields () and an English word or phrase will pop up. Then type the French translation of that word using your keyboard. You can move around the cursor on the puzzle with the arrow keys or click on a certain field to move the cursor there. You can delete letters already entered by pressing the "backspace" or "delete" keys.
Note that some words in this crossword puzzle may contain spaces (e.g. "I'm sorry" -> "Je suis desolé"). Also, do not enter any accents (é, â, etc..) or the cedille (ç) into the puzzle. Crossword puzzles always only contain plain letters.

How do I solve this exercise?

Congratulations! You have finished your first Classroom session. Now, you can do the following:
1) Transfer to the "Word Pool"-section to repeat and memorize all new words of Chapter 1. Click on the Word Pool-tab above.

2) Transfer to the "Homework"-section to practice the new constructions and grammar of Chapter 1. Click on the Homework- or Grammar Review-tabs above.

3) Receive your French "Diploma" for Chapter 1. Click on the Finals-tab above.