This page shows us, who the main characters of our French course are and how they are related to each other. Throughout this course, we mostly accompany the Bonnissel family to their everyday adventures in Paris:

Brigitte Bonnissel
(the mother)
Laurent Bonnissel
(the father)
Amélie Bonnissel
(the daughter)
Sébastien Bonnissel
(the younger son)
Olivier Bonnissel
(the older son)

But we also get to know some of their closest friends. These here are Amélie's, Sébastien's, and Olivier's best friends:
Amélie's friends
Nathalie (Amélie's friend)
Nicole (Amélie's friend)
Sébastien's friends
Mathieu (Sébastien's friend)
Henry (Sébastien's friend)
Olivier's friends
Said (Olivier's friend)
Fabien (Olivier's friend)